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DART Producion

Video production, animation, equipement rental.
We are european production studio based in Czech Republic constantly searching for new opportunities to push our limits further. We're open to all kinds of new projects, ideas and visions.


Commercials come in all shapes and colors. High quality produced video can be the cornerstone of a successful campaign.

Do you have a great product the world needs to know about?
You've come to the right place. We are prepared to custom tailor the video to fit the needs of your product or service.

How to use the commercial propperly and what are the estimated costs?

If you have no experience with commercials don't worry. We're prepared to help you set everything up, including choosing the right format of commercial for each platform and budget.



... opens doors to a whole nother world. 

There are many types of animation. From vector animation used mostly in explainer videos all the way to classic (traditional) animation that is hand drawn.

The classic animation is what we focus on the most and what makes our studio unique.


music video

Nowadays music video is a necessity in the music industry in order to stay in the trends on social media.


Aftermovie /report

Aftermovies and reports are basically music videos from sport and cultural events. 


...let's create something together.
Novinářská 1113/3
Ostrava 709 00, Czech Republic
+420 733 677 603
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