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Production. DART Production
Our studio was estabilished in the early 2019. Don't worry though, it wasn't the first time we held a camera in our hand.
The DART project was born in the heads of three freelancers with experiences from different fields of production. The idea is to create a uniqe company that not only provides services (shoots commercials, music videos, short films etd.) but also provides an opportinuty for new artists to join, learn from each other and be a part of greater projects, they themselves could not take on.
In any case, we are here for You!

Right now, DART team consists of 4-5 people. (We are planning to expand heavily in following years.) On set there might be more of us as grips, PAs  and photographers work for us on contracts.

Tomáš Lenart

Company Director, Producer

+420 733 677 603

dave fotka web.jpg

David Štrunc

 Video production

+420 737 405 913

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