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We can make your
imagination move!

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How is animation created?

The creation of animated videos consists of three parts - pre-production, production, post-production.




During the pre-production stage, together with the client, we find out what are we actually going to create and what budget it requires. Subsequently, a script is devised, from which a storyboard (a comic book version of the produced video) and an animatic (comic boxes, determining the tempo, that are made in succession as a video) are created.

Nothing is carved in stone. If the project requires heavy timesaving, it is always possible to skip one of these steps.




During production, team members, create individual components, ie: environments, character animation, 3D models previously estabilished in pre-production,




Time to finish! In post-production, we put all the components together and create effects such as lighting, color, camera movement and other final touches.

What have we done so far?


During our humble beginnings, as a group of young creators, we were fortunate enough to work with both domestic masters of their craft and foreign ones.


Namely Ozzy Osbourne (ft. Post Malone ), Nik Tendo, MIG 21, PTK and Řezník


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Džus Noci_Thumbnail_edited.jpg

MIG 21
"Džus noci"

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The video below is our showreel, which is an excerpt of shots from various projects.

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